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General FAQs

What kind of photography do you do?

I specialise in wedding photography but I also shoot lifestyle portraits – everything from couples (in love/engagement/pre-wedding) to families, friends and even pets. The wonderful thing about lifestyle portrait sessions is that they are not fixed to one thing, they are more about capturing a snapshot of your lives, whoever that is with! I can also be booked for more specialist shoots such as bridal or boudoir sessions or anything else you can dream up. Let’s chat and grow some ideas for a fab shoot!

What is your style of photography?

My style is super relaxed and natural. My images are heartfelt and full of emotion so you can look back your photos and be transported back to that moment, remembering exactly how you felt to create memories that last a lifetime.

I hate having my photo taken! How can you help?

First of all, there is no need to panic! My method of working is very relaxed to help put you at ease, I don’t do lots of awkward posing, I’m more interested about you connecting to each other so I can capture that and I’ll often say that you should just forget about the camera being there and focus on each other, talk and laugh – you’ll be amazed at the how quickly you forget I’m there and feel relaxed. Sometimes I may offer gentle guidance but I don’t like to interfere too much when possible, I’d much rather let things unfold naturally. If you’re still concerned about being nervous in front of the camera, booking an engagement session can be a great way for us to get to know each other and put your mind at rest.

What does ‘Jamiri’ mean?

Jamiri is a made up word that was part of my first dog Lassie’s pedigree name (‘Lady Clara of Jamiri’). When I first started taking photos, she was my most patient model! When I decided to brand my photography business, Jamiri is the one word I kept coming back to – it is where my photography journey started so it felt right to pay homage to my lovely Lassie lady.

How is Jamiri pronounced?


Wedding Photography FAQs

How far in advance do you take bookings?

I have no set limit on how far in advance I can take bookings, with some couples booking two years ahead. I do have limited availability for weddings at short notice as well so feel free to get in touch however far in advance (or not!)

What happens once I enquire and how do I book?

When you enquire and I’ve confirmed my availability for your date, I can hold your date for 7 days during which I will send through a booking form and contract for you to sign. These must be returned within 7 days along with a deposit of 25% of the total cost to secure your date. I’ve explained the rest of the process on this page: The Next Step

Will I get digital images from my wedding?

Yes! All packages includes digital images from your wedding on a USB as standard. I have other packages that include albums on top of this and a la carte price list full of gorgeous printed products and wall art which you can add onto your package as you wish. Send me a message and let me know what you’d like and I can build you a bespoke package.

How many images can I expect and will they be edited?

You can expect 500+ images from a full wedding day all in colour with a selection made in black and white, minimally edited to suit my style. 

Can I see all the photos you took at our wedding?

No - you won't want to! Not every photo is flattering, people may be blinking or pulling unflattering expressions and there'll be a lot of duplicates as I reframe so I like to pick the best images to tell the story of your day in the best way for you to treasure forever.

Can we book an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?

Yes, of course! Couples shoots are a great way for you to get some nice, relaxed shots without all the pressures of a wedding day schedule and all the people around. It is the perfect way for us to get to know each other more so you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. Pick a spot and let’s meet!

How much time do you need on a wedding day?

Great question! Here is a rough guideline of what is needed to get the best results:

Bridal prep: 2/3 hours (remember to allow for travelling time as I would need to arrive at the ceremony approximately 30 minutes beforehand).

Groom prep: 30-45 mins (less time is needed if the bride and groom are at the same venue but remember to include travel time if not).

Decor: 30 mins depending on how many details.

Ceremony: Civil ceremonies are usually 20-30 mins while a church can be up to 45 mins.

Family & Group Shots: 30 mins for about 10 group shots, any more than this will take away from time to capture naturals and candids. Remember a full group photo takes extra time!

Candids & Naturals: 20-30 mins or more, depending on how much time you want to mingle with guests.

Couples Photos: 20-30 mins which can be fit all in one go or if there is time, split into 2 sessions of 20 mins and 10 minutes (one in the afternoon, one later in the evening/sunset).

Can you travel for my wedding?

Absolutely! I’m a regular traveller to Cyprus, having family over there so I can offer Cyprus destination wedding photography usually with no extra accommodation charge. For other destination weddings, please contact me for a bespoke quote.

How does destination wedding photography work?

I will travel to your destination either one or two days before to ensure I have plenty of time in case of delays/jet lag and to look around. The wedding day itself has its own schedule that I'll know of beforehand but I highly recommend meeting up the day after for an extra portrait session as well. It's great way of winding down and having some time together with just the two of you. This could even be turned into a trash the dress shoot or anything else you can think of – if you can dream it, I can shoot it!

Can you recommend any other suppliers?

Absolutely! I work with some fab suppliers so I’d be happy to send you a supplier list to help you find the perfect fit.

Do you offer bespoke quotes or collections?

I’d be more than happy to create a bespoke quote based on your requirements. Similarly if you would like to add printed products to your package, talk to me about what you’d like and I can create something to suit your needs.

What if something happens and you can’t attend our wedding?

It’s never happened yet! However, if the worst was to ever happen and unforeseen circumstances meant I couldn’t attend your wedding, I have a whole host of other suppliers I can call on to help out and would do my absolute best to ensure a suitable replacement was found.

Do you take group photographs?

Yes! Generally 10 groups will take about 30 minutes but please allow for extra time if you want a full group photo of all guests.

How do couples portraits work?

We'll go explore the grounds of your venue so you two can have some time together away from your guests, I'll give you some space so you can chat and cuddle while doing some wide shots before moving closer to do some of the intimate, natural shots you see in my portfolio. It takes about 20/30 minutes or we can go for a shorter session and do extra later in the evening or sunset (provided it's a good one!) 

Do we need to feed you?

It's not in my contract but it's always appreciated as it's a long day working hard to get those amazing shots! If food isn't provided then I will go offsite during your meal to get something hot to eat and return for the speeches.

What happens if it rains?

Don’t panic! Rain shots can be amazing so bring an umbrella and some wellies and we’ll have some fun! However, if it is really bad or you don’t want to go out in the rain, we can wait for breaks in the rain and nip out for some shots between showers.

Do you offer off-season and weekday discounts?

Depending on my availability I may be able to offer something to suit your budget and I can offer bespoke quotes for different types of coverage so contact me for a detailed quote.

Album FAQs

Do you offer albums and other products?

Yes! I offer some gorgeous albums and plenty of other products from framed prints to canvases. Contact me to let me know your requirements and I can create a bespoke quote for you.

How do we choose our album images?

Along with your images being supplied on a USB, I upload a password protected, online gallery for your family and friends to view the images after you have received them. For albums, simply log on to the gallery and favourite your choices. There is then an option to ‘share’ your favourites so you just need to pop in my email address for me to receive your choices! I will then start designing your album before sending you a PDF to proof which we can tweak until you are happy with it. Once approved, I’ll send the album off to be printed.

How long will our album take to arrive?

I usually say up to 6 weeks although they tend to come back sooner than that but it is better to leave plenty of time so there’s no rush.