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So What's The Next Step?


Say Hello

By now, you’ve probably had a good look round my site, flicked through the galleries, read some blog posts and even checked out my Facebook page. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, you like my work. That’s great! Your next step is to fill out my contact form so that I know what’s happening and when. I’ll get back to you with all the details and tada! We’re set to go!


Let’s Meet

Let's have a chat either in person or Skype and get to know each other! Or combine our meeting with a lovely engagement shoot and pick a spot you love and let’s meet up there for some gorgeously intimate couples photos. We’ll get to know each other a bit better too as we go explore and you can fill me in on all the plans for your big day (because I never get tired of it, seriously! I love it!) By the end of the session, you can feel relaxed knowing what you can expect on the day itself, and you’ll get some stunning photos too. Result!


Keep in Touch

I’ll get your couples photos back to you and you’ll get back to wedding planning for a little while. Then a couple of weeks before the big day, I’ll get in touch to get a timeline from you for the day so that I can plan where I’m going to be and when, particularly helpful if there’s multiple locations involved! If you book a couples session not too far ahead of your big day, I can bring the timeline to our session for you to fill in and get back to me at your leisure and then I’ll check in that we’re all set a couple of weeks before the wedding.


Let’s Do This!

The big day is here and you should know roughly what I’m arriving so now we’re good to go. Try not to stress because it’ll be great and I’ll capture some gorgeous photos for you of your special day. Relax, enjoy yourselves and let go! If there’s one day in your life to really go for it and have lots of fun, it’s definitely your wedding day so have a great day!


Bask in the Glow

Congratulations! Feel free to chill out and bask in that glorious ‘just married’ glowing feeling, whether you’re going on honeymoon or not! Within 48 hours of your day, you can expect some sneak peeks to start arriving on Facebook so make sure you and all your friends are following so you don’t miss them! Then it’ll be roughly 4 weeks (up to 6 during busy periods) while I edit your photos, I’ll keep you updated on when to expect them so you’ll know what’s going on.


Let’s Create Something Beautiful

Once you’ve received your images, you’ll probably be eager to get them up around the house as soon as possible. I work with a professional print lab to offer you a range of high quality prints and products including canvases, framed prints and even montages. I also offer a selection of stunning albums as well as smaller duplicates which make the perfect gift for parents, family and friends. Use the secure online gallery to send me your album choices and I’ll create a draft for your approval. When you’re happy, I’ll send the order to the lab and shortly you’ll receive a gorgeous album to treasure forever.